What’s the difference?

Having been widely used in aesthetic medicine for a number of years, most people would have heard about laser light treatment. Low level light therapy (LLL) lasers are used to treat a variety of conditions, from pain to tissue repair to skin conditions such as scars, birthmarks, sunspots and more.

Similarly LED Light is also a form of light therapy, and can also be used to treat many of the same conditions as lasers. So what are the differences between Laser and LED Light Therapy?

The primary difference between Laser & LED Light is the manner in which they admit light, Laser Light is coherent whereas LED Light is incoherent. What this means is that in a laser, light photons all travel in parallel, culminating in a more concentrated light at the same wavelength. In LED Light, light photons all centre around a single frequency but vary slightly, resulting in a more diffused light.

So what does this mean when it comes to treatment? Given the laser light is more intense and focused the implication is that laser light is therefore more effective, this is not correct. The concentrated laser light offers better penetration and more focused treatment when a precise area of application is required, however the cellular responses to photo-stimulation are not associated with whether the light is coherent or incoherent. When treating skin conditions LED Light Therapy has the ability to penetrate to the required level and be as effective as Laser Therapy.

In fact the incoherent LED Light is arguably better for Light Therapy for a number of reasons: