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LED Light Therapy uses the photodynamic theory, activating deep cells to improve the skins metabolism. The OzMask Face Cleanser was voted the #1 Blackhead Remover of 2021 and will revolutionize the way you do skincare! Get started today with an easy solution for flawless skin.

LED Dr. Mask uses photodynamic therapy, it can stimulate the activity of skin cells, and renovate the stratum concerned by the shine of LED light.
LED Dr. Mask has three lights: high-intensity infrared light, blue light, and green light. Three lights combine together which can increase the activity of cells, inhibit inflammation, and promote blood circulation. So it can reach a result in anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, skin whitening, and acne removal, and so on.

Dermal Rolling stimulates the production of collagen for smoother, healthier and younger looking skin. Daily treatment can trigger some redness so it is best used every other day for optimum results with virtually no side effects.

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The LED OzMask is one of a kind with 7 Healing Lights

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